The Road is not smooth to tread and there are a few obstacles which one should clear to proceed. One such test which Foreign Medical Graduates confront is the MCI Screening Test. Indian Government has influenced the screening test for foreign medical students compulsory. The examination directed by NBE is mandatory, tough, demanding and furthermore greatly hard to pass. This has put the huge strain on our maturing doctors and most get themselves badly furnished to manage this recently emerged pressure. Seeing this condition and how skillful FMGs were losing confidence, in the year 2004 a group of dynamic and devoted medical professionals met up to establish the framework of Academy of Foreign Medical Graduates. Till date, we have helped in excess of 20,000 understudies clear the MCI Screening Test effectively. Our prosperity lies in understanding the study requirements of students individually and modifying the program to the adapting needs of them. With the diligent work of our staff and remarkable execution by our students in a limited time period we have become the best coaching institute of India for MCI Screening Test and have possessed the capacity to enhance our quality since our inception. The journey that has started in 2004 keeps on motivating us and have been helping to enable an ever-increasing number of doctors to take a step closer towards their dreams. AFMG- ACADEMY FOR FOREIGN MEDICAL GRADUATES is the apex and fastest growing institute and we have centers in Delhi, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai and also in abroad. Wishing all Foreign Medical Graduates a great and fruitful journey ahead.

Mci screening test in Delhi