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Our Journey

A world where success is a journey rather than a destination.

We made a humble beginning in the year 2004 and conceived ACADEMY FOR FOREIGN MEDICAL GRADUATES with a specific purpose and commitment to establishing a coaching institution of academic excellence not only in Delhi but all over India. Started in a single room rented in AADI school in 2004 with the belief that we can provide a vision and show a path which others cannot. We developed an institution which was by the doctors of the doctors and for the doctors. We had the experience and a better understanding of the rigours and difficulties which doctors have to face while preparing for entrance exam . The desperation to clear the exam ,to start a new life and decrease the dependency on their families .

A dream turns into a goal when one starts working on it.

The same happened here !!!!!!!!

We have been able to develop a successful teaching modules which depends on understanding the study requirements of the students and customizing the program to their learning needs.

Those who teach are not only teachers, they are also the guiding beacons and lead the disciples towards success- motivating, directing and perfecting them in their respective fields

Our institute's success lies in motivating our students and infusing in them the attitude to not settle down with anything an inch less than what they dreamt off and thus derive more than their 100 percent out of them in academic performance.

  • With constant efforts from team AFMG and God's grace we have big legacy of 20000 successful students as part of our AFMG FAMILY
  • Coaching is all about helping students achieve their dreams.