Why Should you Select AFMG Institute?

AFMG institute is the best FMGE or NCI coaching institute in Delhi. Which has been specially prepared for FMGE/NExT Coaching

Since 2004, AFMG Institute has been providing FMGE/NExT Coaching in which Students Secure their career in the medical profession.

AFMG provides India’s most capable highly skilled doctors who have brightened the future of thousands of students till now.

AFMG completes its course on time, after which in the remaining time, revision classes are also given to all the students as extra classes so that the students can clear their doubts till the last moment.

AFMG also provides online classes to the students so that if the student is unable to attend the class due to any reason, then the facility of online class can be provided to the student.

AFMG provides students with Top-Notch Study Material for each and every subject which has been prepared by qualified doctors of India, Due to which it becomes easier for the students to study.

AFMG Provides You:-


We are proud to say that with the dedication of our teaching faculty, hard work of our staff and the outstanding performance of our students we have beenĀ  to run the best coaching institute in India for foreign medical graduates . Our branches have been opened in Russia, China, Ukraine & Kyrgyzstan and we have grown tremendously over the past few years and hope to continue growing .

Learn from the best faculties to acheive your goal

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AFMG's one & only mission is to help you crack FMGE

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